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LaserGolf Driver version 3.00
for EA Sports™ Tiger Woods PGA TOUR® 2003,2004,2005 and 2006

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File size ~1 MB


Release version 3.0 which supports Tiger Woods 2006. Changes on the Advanced Tab page also effect chipping and putting.

Lastest Version 2.06 only allows one instance of the driver to run and supports V1.1 of the Tiger Woods 2004 software.
If you have downloaded a previous version you can update just the main program with LGDTW206.exe


The LaserGolf Driver is a small software routine which you load just before you start up the EA SPORTS™ Tiger Woods PGA TOUR® program on your PC, having connected the LaserGolf base unit via a USB port. The software driver checks that the LaserGolf base unit is present and working, then remains in PC memory while the Tiger Woods game is running. It requires no changes to program to run, and the Tiger Woods software is unaware that the driver is present.

Improvements over previous version

Version 2.0 of the software driver offers a new way of interfacing to the Tiger Woods golf game which uses all the attributes of the LaserGolf hardware. You can now produce any type of shot as you can with the mouse when using Tiger Woods TRUE SWING™ (V) method. This is the default setting for golfers within the game and must be used with the LaserGolf software.

Tiger Woods golf game Tiger Woods golf game

To view the entire LaserGolf version 2.0 instructions online Click Here

If you do not have Tiger Woods 2004, you can always download the demo version at

EA Sports Website

Be warned that it's about 100MB

NOTE: You will also need DirectX 9 to run this version of Tiger Woods.

Get latest version of DirectX End-User Runtime from Microsoft: directx .

Your PC should also meet the minimum system requirements.

Tiger Woods PGA TOUR® 2004 and 2005 are software products of EA Sports™ respectively. All the owners' trade marks and other rights are acknowledged.